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The best of World of warcraft on the web Hand picked websites from wow.

 What am I doing with this web site? Well I plan to hand pick the best web sites I find about world of warcraft.


I have played MMORPGs for over 6 years of my life, I have a pretty good knowledge base on this stuff. I have hacked and slashed the dungeons of Wizardry - Ultima and Bard's Tale. If you would like to recommend a site for a listing please go ahead and email me:

I am willing to list your site here please tell me what category you would like to be listed under and I will do my best to get it posted as soon as I can. A reciprocal link would be appreciated but it is not necessary. 

My goal for this site is to get as many resources I can related to WoW on this single site a World of warcraft portal. I am working on the guild section now hopefully I will have it done in a few weeks, Then comes the task of locating all the guilds I can.

Cheers Gnar







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