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WoW  Character Selection

Character Selection in any RPG game is an essential part of the game - First we need to decide what class and race we would like to become in our alter-ego if you will. Do we want to be the good guy or the bad guy? Keep in mind that the race you "think" think you would have the most fun at might not always be the case.

In any MMO there are desirable classes and some that well just don't have the appeal for whatever reason, for groups. Do not get me wrong any class once you put your time into it will become desirable no mater what they are - You just have to put more time into certain classes to achieve that level of high desirability.

Do some research - The net is your friend. There are literarily 100s of sites with information to help you figure out what you want to become in this new fantasy land you are about to embark on. Here I will list a few of the main ones for you to get you started.


Allakhazam's Character guide