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WoW Druid

When I think of the druid I think of the pagans and stone hedge - Druids are attuned to nature and call on its powers for good. Druids are often associated with the sun, the moon and oak. In world of warcraft the druid can take on many roles - Via shape shifting, In bear form the druid can take a few hits - In cat form the druid can do some damage.

The druid can also resurrect fallen comrades - and they got some CC to handle dragons. All in all the druids can fill many roles in a group. They have powerful buffs for the party as well as debuffs for the foes they are fighting. Druidism, according to Lore and history started with the demigod Cenarius, who cared for the Night Elves evolution for 10,000 years.

Races available to the druid class - Night Elves and the Tauren Race.

Druid Talents


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