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Power leveling is just having someone you know take their best geared guys and grind out some XP for a new toon or character. Well if you dont know people who will power level your guys for you there are a bunch of sites that offer this as a service.

If you make enough in your job IRL, then a PL service may be for you. Its probably more cost effect to pay someone to level your guys than it would be if you took off work to level up a character. Anyways the down sides to a PL service is they have access to your account - Make sure you find a reputable company that has feed back or someone you knew used them.

Also another down side to powerleveling is usually your skill sets are lacking for your new level - Be sure and find out if the company you use will bring your skills into balance with you level also - One company may be cheaper but they might not bring your skills up along the way - Just something to be aware of.