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 WoW strats - World of warcraft like any online game has its strategies - Well its more of a niche that you find that works for your style of play or for your character type or gear level. If you see strategies offered that sound too good to be true they usually are - Just like anything in life!!

 Now that being said are there any strats that you can use? Yes there are just dont get caught up in some item duping or macro stuff cuz they will ban you! If it sounds too good it usually is - Remember that and all is good. Here I will find some simple strats that can work for different levels and characters.

 The best strat I can offer personally - is get to know people and they will tend to help you - Its like life in a way the bigger the circle of friends you have the bigger your resource pool should you need something or help with stuff. Now that means you have to help them, also don't get caught up taking all the help and not returning any - This will make people distant from you and even alienate them - Remember help is a two way street - You don't always have to go tit for tat but be aware those characters are actually people behind the screen not just some jokers!


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