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Warlock guide for levels 1-30
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Wow Warlock pets guide
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WoW Pets

Learning to control your PET is the best thing a rookie Warlock or Hunter can do in WoW.

Common mistakes for new pet owners are:

1. Set your pet to defensive or passive modes in dungeons. When set to aggressive mode the pet will commonly go ballistic and wake all the Mobs.

2. Don't travel with pets in aggressive mode. Either unsummon it or set it to passive mode. This will speed up your travel time.

3. Make sure you pet is attacking when in battle, Don't be a noob if you are going to use a pet make sure it doing something worth while.


So you are asking your self that question of what classes can get pets in WoW?

Warlocks and Hunters can get pets. Hunters can name their pets Warlock Can NOT name them.

Priests can control humanoid monsters as a pet for a limited amount of time.

There are other ways to get pets. For example, Engineers can construct pets.

There are items that players can find that create a pet for a limited amount of time. Players can also buy non-combative pets that are purely for show.

Pets in World of Warcraft do NOT consume XP. (Experience Points).

You can NOT give Items to your pets.




WoW  Warlock

A warlock was a mage that went off and started playing with Demons. Warlocks get pets and can also summon a free horse. They can scout with their "eye: spell and they can also hand out soulstones that can be used by another character for self resurrection.

Solo leveling with the Warlock involves using the Voidwalker pet, Here are some guides on found on soloing with the warlock in world of warcraft.

Races Available to the Warlock - Human Gnome Orc Undead


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