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Commonly used terminology in MMO's



Newb, Noob - A person who is new to the game, Has no clue what is going on.

Lewt, Loot - The treasure we are all seeking in this fantasy world, the stash of gold or epic items. Lewt is also associated with badass or pimp. Man that is a lewt sword!!

Mob - A creature or foe.

Gimp - This is when a player is lacking gear and or skills. (you dont wanna be one of these)

XP - Experience points, This is a way of progressing you character.

Grind - grinding - lvling - Usually used in conjunction with XP, To grind out levels.

z3rg - This strat originated in Starcraft, This is when you mass a hoard of peasants or peons in gimp gear and tackle the mob. Basically taking on things with quantity rather than quality.

STFU - This is my favorite one, If you get told this too much you are prolly talking too much or talking trash.

WTF -  WHAT THE %&*@#! 

And one other thing dont talk in all caps!! People tend to think you are yelling. 

Instance - These zones are a common way for MMORPG's to over come the Z3rg strategy. These usually only allow so many players (at certain levels) in at a time and you have to wait so long before you can get back into them.

Different mounts - The difference between mounts is speed only a level 40 mount moves @ 60 percent and a level 60 moves 100 percent. The stats are the same otherwise.

ftw - For the Win~

LOL-ROFL - Laughing out loud. Rolling on the floor laughing.

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