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World of Warcraft Download Features

* Adventure together with thousands of other players simultaneously.
* Explore an expansive world with miles of forests, deserts, snow-blown mountains, and other exotic lands.
* Choose from four realm types and find the one best suited for your own playing style: Normal, Player versus Player, Role-playing, and Role-playing Player versus Player.
* Join the Horde or the Alliance as one of 8 playable races.
* Select from 9 classes, including holy Paladins, shape-shifting Druids, powerful Warriors and Mages, demon-summoning Warlocks, and more.
* Encounter many familiar and new Warcraft characters and monsters.
* Learn the continuing story of Azeroth by completing a wide variety of challenging quests.
* Journey through an epic world filled with dungeons of different styles and depths.
* Explore 6 huge capital cities, which serve as major hubs for the races inhabiting them.
* Practice various professions to help locate reagents, make and enhance custom items, acquire wealth through trade with other players, and more.
* Purchase tickets for travel along a number of air routes flown by creatures such as Gryphons and Wyverns. For global transportation, travel by Boat or Goblin Zeppelin.
* Once a certain level has been achieved, players can choose to purchase permanent personal mounts.
* Establish a guild, purchase a custom guild tabard, and promote or demote recruits to different ranks within the guild.
* Mail gold, items, or messages to other players, or send them to your own characters for easy muling.
* Sell your items or search for items for sale via the automated auction house.
* Locate and engage other players with easy-to-use features and tools, including chat channels, friends lists, and animated and audible character expressions.
* Customize the game's interface via XML.
* Enjoy hundreds of hours of gameplay with new quests, items, and adventures every month.


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World of Warcraft Download Minimum System Requirements

* Intel Pentium® III 800 MHz or AMD Athlon 800 MHz
* 512 MB or more of RAM
* 32 MB 3D graphics card with Hardware Transform and Lighting, such as NVIDIA® GeForce™ 2 class card or above
* DirectX® 9.0c (included) and latest video drivers
* 6.0 GB available HD space
* A 56k or better Internet connection

Recommended System Requirements

* Intel Pentium® IV 1.5 GHz or AMD XP 1500+ MHz
* 1024 MB RAM
* 64 MB 3D graphics card with Hardware Transform and Lighting, such as NVIDIA® GeForce™ FX 5700 class card or above
* Broadband Internet connection
* Two-button scroll-wheel mouse



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