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Who is Leeroy Jenkins? If you don't think he is famous you are wrong check out this video clip on him from YouTube--The Dude made College Jeopardy and these geeks didn't even get the question right.

Here is the Infamous Leeroy clip that made him such a pop culture Icon in MMORPG circles. This guy is a Paladin... It's so funny if you game much.

Watch the Wow Lich King Trailer Here

Vanguard SOH. was released not too long ago. I was lucky enough to test out the beta for a few months before the actual release. Unfortunately my computer was too slow to run it! I looks very promising.

The Fastest Way To Power To Level 70 and Make Mountains Of Gold Guaranteed!

Senator Plays WoW

...Has Lvl-70 Priest.

Blizzcon 2007 Footage: Perky Night Elf excites Blizzcon crowd Night Elf WOW's Blizzcon crowd and is accompanied by a warlock, druid, OOMkin, and many more.

Trojan Snags World Of Warcraft Passwords To Cash Out Accounts

Attackers hope to take over users' accounts, then make money by selling the players' in-game goods, such as weapons.


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How World of Warcraft evolved...

 Some history on how online games came about. While multiplayer isn't a relatively new concept in games, Look at chess for example it has been around for centuries. Gaming has only recently began to flourish for  the online community. Pong and a plethora of other sit down arcade games have been multiplayer for decades. Look at Atari and almost any console game since... They are all based on multiplayer.  

 Anyways before I ramble too much off course the very first computer game I remember playing that had a version where more than one person could play on was: Warlords II. This game was great if you never played it you should check it out. Well this wasn't a true multi game. It was what they called "hot seat" - LOL.. Stand up and switch chairs with a few other drunks and you will see why they call it a hot seat.

 The second computer game I recall playing that was multiplayer was HOMM - Yep the good old Heroes of Might and Magic. Another nostalgic classic for me. Well eventually we got network cards and Diablo - Age of Empires and a few other classics. (Red Alert)  While these all where very nice to play at home, Try them over a 56k modem.

 The line of games which are the present day MMORPG's - Like Ultima Online, Everquest and Wow derived from was a text-html based game called a MuD's - Multi user dungeon. This is when masses of people began to z3rg stuff. So if you would like to trace some roots back to the origins of World of Warcraft or any one of the other MMO's out there today check out your local MuD... 

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