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The Warcraft series has been around since 1994 developed by Blizzard entertainment. Although I really  did not get into the very first of the series - Orcs & Humans. Blizzard in my eyes has been known for the quality of product they release. One of the games that put Blizzard on the map was Diablo and then later Starcraft.

 Well World of Warcraft is an online game A.K.A - MMORPG or just MMO for short now a days. The whole concept of an online game is that it managed by an external source so it makes cheating and cracking the game a lot harder. Now if you make it harder it does not mean it isn't possible - Simply that its a controlled environment so that most of the players are on a level playing field.

 That being said - Is it right to buy gold and items? Well honestly its a personal preference kind of like a morale dilemma if you will - If you asked 100 people I bet it would be pretty close to split if it is right to do it or not. Honestly I personally do not see the problem with it unless some one is selling duped or falsely created items.

 If the item was in the game and someone left the game it really is not disrupting the balance of the game it is just transferring the balance to someone that has more resources outside the game.

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